Exterior shades can offer a multitude of benefits. The Renson® ZipShade­® by Roll-A-Shade® can be installed in a variety of applications, the most common being on the exterior of a building and on a patio. This system can also be installed on the interior using blackout material to create privacy when complete light blockage is necessary.

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The ZipShade® is equipped with one of the most advanced zipper tracks in the industry resulting in superior wind ratings. When in the closed position, the ZipShade® is insect-proof and is operational in winds up to 80mph*. Utilizing the ZipShade® in projects has many benefits including lower utility bills when the shade is installed on the exterior of the building and increased revenue when the shade is installed on a patio.


When placed on the exterior of a window, the Roll-A-Shade® ZipShade® helps avoid overheating by filtering the direct sunlight that enters an interior space. This can result in decreased cooling and air conditioning costs and can reduce overall energy consumption by utilizing natural daylight. Depending on the type of fabric selected, different degrees of heat-resistance are possible. The ZipShade® can greatly reduce the use of artificial lighting while also reducing heat gain by not allowing sun rays to penetrate the glass exterior of the building.


*size specific, based on a shade installed against a building, using fiberglass fabric


The ZipShade® offers sun protection and glare control for occupants seated in outdoor areas.

Patented ZipShade® technology guarantees a fixed fabric with no wrinkles

The superior ZipShade® side channel technology results in extreme wind resistance. Thanks to the ingenious zip system, the shade fabric is windproof in any position.

In the closed position, the ZipShade® is insect-proof, making outdoor conditions more comfortable.

For full automation, ZipShade® can be controlled with a wind or sun sensor.

The ZipShade® allows you to seat more occupants in outdoor seating areas, thus increasing revenue.

Offered exclusively with motorization, ZipShade® can be controlled with a remote or wall switch.










Your brand has a voice, and printed logo shades can help you communicate that voice to your customers, while reducing glare and heat gain. Printed logo shades are ideal when your location has strict exterior signage codes. Printing is visible from the storefront, putting your company logo or products directly in front of your consumers.



Roll-A-Shade® offers custom printing on manual, stationary and motorized roller shades. The state-of-the-art printing equipment has the ability to print vibrant, vivid artwork including company logos and full -bleed marketing images. Printed shades are an extremely cost-effective way to create added sales exposure while maintaining all the benefits of our sun shades, including clear visibility to outside and energy savings. Our durable, odorless water-based latex inks are GREENGUARD Gold® certified and able to withstand years of wear. We can print on a wide variety of solar screen fabrics. Please contact your sales representative for a complete list of printable fabrics.

ZipShade® 100

The ZipShade® 100 has a small profile that makes this system ideal for smaller openings.


ZipShade® 100 Slim

The ZipShade® 100 Slim is specifically designed for recessed installation.

ZipShade® 150

The ZipShade® 150 has a larger headbox allowing the shade to be up to 20' wide.



There are three different ZipShade® sizes: ZipShade® 100, ZipShade® 100 Slim and ZipShade® 150. Each system has unique characteristics and can be installed in a variety of applications. See below for some features of the various ZipShade® systems.



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